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The SnZ Story

Following the Path of Least Regret…

The Sylver & Zeus Story

Sylver and Zeus didn’t begin when we first made a facebook page, or when we released our first song, or even when we started writing music together. In fact – we weren’t even dating when the first seeds that led to SnZ were sown.

It all began with a conversation. It was a warm spring day in 2010 – and we were just friends that worked together. We had both been in bad relationships recently and had spent a lot of time commiserating and healing together. Natalie was dating a friend of hers for fun – but not very seriously. Sean had decided to completely swear off dating for a year.

As feelings for each other were growing that spring we started to realize how much being together would require us to change. We were from different places, had different beliefs, headed to different states to attend college, etc. In the midst of that conversation Sean made the comment that we each had to…

“Follow the Path of Least Regret.”

Spoiler alert – 9 years later we are married, have a little boy, and have a little girl on the way! The advice clearly led to a path that has been richly rewarding.

Little did we know at the time that we had laid the foundation for a family philosophy of action, appropriate risk taking, following dreams, and never settling. Following the Path of Least Regret became one of several important ideas we have used to build our lives thus far. It is because of this idea that we started making music and other media – and is the core philosophy of Sylver & Zeus – our personal media company.

As you visit our socials, peruse our store, listen to our music, read one of our books, watch a vlog, etc. we hope that you find – somewhere in there – the inspiration to follow your own path of least regret – no matter where that may lead you!

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