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Follow The PATH… of Least Regret

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  • Oct 16.2019
    I’m So Done Being Pregat

    Zeus, here. For those of you that somehow still don’t know, I am pregnant right now. VERY pregnant. Or, pregat, as Sean and I like to joke. (Want in on the joke? Here ya go: https://youtu.be/EShUeudtaFg) I know that many women like to paint being……

  • Oct 21.2019
    Fight the Good Fight

    Ever thrown yourself headlong into something, working hard and hoping for the best, only to realize after too long that you were forcing it the whole time? I’ve been there. In fact I’ve been there more than once. What can I say, I’m sure many……

  • Oct 7.2019
    Holding On A Little Longer

    This week has been an interesting dive into the past few years of online business for us. We’ve started a number of projects over the past years. Some of them were successful – many were small experiments that didn’t seem worth the time and were……

  • Sep 3.2019
    What Wouldn’t I Do For A Klondike Bar

    Ever had a bad craving at work and couldn’t get free to feed it? Well… right now I REALLY want a Klondike Bar (or almost anything else that is chocolate to be honest) and instead I am sitting here working on the new website. I……