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Follow The PATH… of Least Regret

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  • Oct 16.2019
    I’m So Done Being Pregat

    Zeus, here. For those of you that somehow still don’t know, I am pregnant right now. VERY pregnant. Or, pregat, as Sean and I like to joke. (Want in on the joke? Here ya go: https://youtu.be/EShUeudtaFg) I know that many women like to paint being……

  • Oct 7.2019
    Holding On A Little Longer

    This week has been an interesting dive into the past few years of online business for us. We’ve started a number of projects over the past years. Some of them were successful – many were small experiments that didn’t seem worth the time and were……

  • Sep 3.2019
    What Wouldn’t I Do For A Klondike Bar

    Ever had a bad craving at work and couldn’t get free to feed it? Well… right now I REALLY want a Klondike Bar (or almost anything else that is chocolate to be honest) and instead I am sitting here working on the new website. I……